Round Spiral

SET Duct Manufacturing offers round spiral sizes of 4" diameter through 68" diameter which has you covered from the smallest to most of the larger projects. Exposed spiral ductwork has seen growth over the past 10 to 20 years because of it's pleasing looks, airflow efficiency, field labor savings and lightweight construction as compared to rectangular.

Flat Oval Spiral

Flat oval spiral ductwork offers the appealing look of regular round spiral but with the abilities to provide airflow in tighter space restrictions like rectangular duct such as low ceilings. 


A controlled shop environment with rolling tables, plasma cutters, welders and full use of power equipment is a better place to install your ductwork items. Rectangular register saddles, round saddle taps and end connection flanges can all be factory installed by us and delivered to your jobsite at a fixed cost and not a variable one in the field.

Takeoffs Proposal

Our experienced staff can perform a full ductwork takeoff and provide you with a project estimate right from the blueprints. Pounds, pieces, lineal footage, square footage all followed up by a price. 

Jobsite Deliveries

Our shipping department is committed to getting the completed ductwork to you on time.  Our fleet of trucks can supply large or small projects and will coordinate your deliveries with you so that you know when and where the delivery will occur.  We are equipped to handle a pickup by you at our facility if that is your preference.  We can offer color coding, piece tagging and product separation assistance for your project.

Flat Sheet Metal

Through our parent company, SET Enterprises, Inc., SET Duct Manufacturing can offer many sizes of pre-packaged flat sheets with minimum lead times and competitive prices. 

Steel Coils

Master coils and custom slit coils are also available to satisfy your needs.